The History Of Penticton Towing

And What It’s Like To Work For Us!

31 Years Servicing Penticton & Surrounding Areas

Can Tow Up To
50,000 lbs

BCAA Road Assist

The Penticton Towing Timeline


  • First established under the ownership of Harvey and Marlene Megli
  • Fleet of 6 vehicles
  • Operated from ½ acre leased lot, which boasted a tiny maintenance shop and even tinier office



  • First big contract with the City of Penticton



  • Quickly became a known presence in the Penticton community.
  • Added 3 more trucks
  • Hired more certified drivers
  • Purchased a 1-acre lot with a bigger office and 2 maintenance shops, plus a larger compound for storage.

1998 – 2018

  • CAA contractor of Penticton area
  • BCAA Road Assist partner
  • Expanded fleet:
    • 35-Ton Tandem Wrecker – capable of towing any tractor unit or bus
    • Peterbilt Tractor/Landoll Trailer – unit with 53-foot trailer capable of towing City of Penticton buses
    • Five-Ton International Wrecker Truck
    • Five-Ton Kenworth Wrecker Truck
    • Five-Ton International Flat Deck Truck
    • Three-Ton GMC Dually 4×4 Truck – specialized for backwoods recovery
    • 2 Three-Ton Hino Flat Deck Trucks
    • Three-Ton Hino Wrecker Truck
    • One-Ton Ford Wrecker – for use in underground parking lots
    • One-Ton 2500 Pickup Truck – equipped with 5th wheel hitch for trailer moves and service calls
    • Three-Ton Kenworth Flat Deck
    • 3 Condors – used for towing heavy motorcycles
    • One-Tone Hino Wrecker
    • Cargo Mate Enclosed Recovery Trailer
    • 3 Forklifts – various sizes
    • Half-Ton Dodge Pickup – for various service calls



  • New ownership under Taylor and Jessica Kenyon


Your Vehicle’s Impounded With Us — Now What?

Okay, we understand that we may come across as the villains here, but we really have no control over the policies set for each impoundment case. Your car is just hanging out with us – we don’t want to keep it any longer than necessary.

Remember to become familiar with your case. Why was your vehicle impounded? Each penalty has a different time frame. Once you know how long we need to keep your car for, you have to follow certain steps before you can reclaim your vehicle.

Go here to learn all about the reclaiming process (and more information about the different impoundment penalties).

4 Penticton Towing Benefits

1. 360-Degree Check — before any vehicle or machine is taken away, we do a thorough walk around and take multiple photos. Why? To make sure any existing damage is recorded – so if anything happens after we tow, we know what we’re responsible for!

2. Heavy-Duty Towing — have a machine that needs to be moved from one construction site to another? We can tow 40ft empty sea cans, or up 50,000 lbs, without issue.

3. Long-Distance Transportation — we can tow anywhere between Penticton and Vancouver! Perfect if you’re in construction and need a machine moved from the outskirts of Penticton to Chilliwack, or your car breaks down far from home.
4. Tight Security — don’t worry about your vehicle while it’s with us. Our security is state-of-the-art. There is no chance of break-ins or vandalism.